Ricardo Vargas: Great business strategies need great results

Third day of 12th Combis Conference begun with lecture by expert in project management and strategy implementation Ricardo Vargas, executive director of Brightline Initiative – a coalition of leading global organizations from business, government and not for profit sectors, dedicated to provide knowledge, insights and solutions to successfully bridge the gap between strategy development and strategy implementation in business.

Vargas held a plenary lecture powered by Cisco ‘Connecting Strategy Design and Delivery: Closing the Expensive Implementation Gap’ and highlighted that strategy implementation excellence is central to the organization’s sustainable growth and prosperity. Yet, most companies often deal with challenges in implementation of planned strategy initiatives, because of flawed implementation that carries great cost in time and resources. This also highlights Brightline Initiative survey from 2017 that found out that only one of ten organizations in the world successfully reach all of their strategic goals. On average, organizations fail to deliver 20 percent of their strategic projects.

“The dynamic interplay between strategy design and delivery starts at the moment the organization defines its strategic goals and investments. Most organization leaders appear to understand the importance of implementation and acknowledge they need to upgrade their capabilities. At least 59 per cent of respondents to the ours most recent survey acknowledge a gap between their strategy design and implementation and recognize its negative impact on organizational effectiveness”, highlighted Ricardo Vargas and presented leading principles of Brightline Initiative that is supposed to help leaders close the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery.

Leading principles of Brightline Initiative highlight the importance of right strategy planning and its preparation in today’s business environment when strategy planning cycles must be more rapid, dynamic, and agile than in the past. Advantage in the market will have those who excel at gaining new insights from an ever-changing business environment and quickly respond with the right decisions and adjustments to both strategy design and delivery, and those who form a good team and identify the strategy implementation priorities depending on the available resources of the company.

“Organizations rise or fall on their ability to successfully implement winning strategies. At a time when leaders are expected to do nothing less than transform their organizations so that they can survive and prosper in a hyper-connected, fast-changing world, they urgently need to know how to turn ideas into reality and successfully bridge the gap between design and implementation of the strategy. Without discipline, rigor and care about proactively addressing emerging gaps and challenges that may impact delivery, your strategy has little chance of success”, concluded Ricardo Vargas.

After plenary lecture the conference participant had a chance to heat cutting edge technology lecture held by Igor Grudenić, Delivery SRE tech lead from Google – Site Reliability Engineeringa (SRE). Grudenić has presented the way that SRE in Google actively advocates for careful architecture, ensuring elaborate change management and providing production support for critical system components so it could increase reliability of large scale distributed systems. “Reliability is a core feature of many products. However, reliability is not easy to get right and it is often in conflict with development velocity and engineering and resource cost. This is why in Google we formed SRE – Site Reliability Engineering teams that are assigned to major products to manage reliability tradeoffs and keep systems running”, said Igor Grudenić, Delivery SRE tech lead in Google.

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