Second day at Combis Conference was dedicated to relevant ICT topics

Goal of Combis Conference lectures is to show the best what technology can offer to business. 

The second day at Combis Conference was dedicated to lectures about relevant ICT topics. Lectures are divided into multiple areas which thematise IT transformation in process of digital transformation of companies, Managed Services and Security model from Combis as well as advanced application solutions and services.

“The development of technology and the speed with which this development takes place creates enormous opportunities for business operations. But the question is which technology could help business the best and how to achieve competitive advantage by using these technologies. We have shaped this years’ Combis Conference programme by the idea of business development and how this development can be achieved by applying technology, all with the signature of Combis experts. We have put the focus on how to find or choose the right solution that will make the most impact in a specific business environment”, said Mario Špundak, content director of 12th Combis Conference.

Case Study Tubla: Consolidation of infrastructure and business

Through case study in Tubla speakers have presented knowledge of consolidating the dispersed infrastructure. Speakers have explained how to create modern and scalable hyper-converged environment which helps companies to manage their resources more flexible and faster. “The main advantages that come from consolidation of infrastructure and business are modernization of complete infrastructure through performance improvement, safety and business continuity, centralized client application management, centralized patching and upgrade system and the most important – easier IT infrastructure management”, highlighted Bruno Šunjić, independent system engineer from Combis.

Foundation for safety in data centre: micro-segmentation

“Safety is more than ever a must-have for companies. While all the most critical resources are located in data centre it’s important to secure protection against possible cyber-attacks and be prepared for other security risks. That’s why we’ll talk about the fast-growing software-based approach to agile IT security called micro-segmentation”, highlighted Kristijan Deković, system engineer specialist from Combis on lecture ‘Foundation for safety in data centre: micro-segmentation’. Deković presented to the participants, on the example from practice, the advantages of micro-segmentation in managing security risks and how to properly implement them to protect applications and data.

Caste Study: Container technology in transformation of IT business

It has been discussed for a long time about container technologies that have enabled numerous improvements and created new concepts in development and deployment of applications. On this lecture, experts from Combis have described their experience in production of Husky Big Data platform on container technologies back a few years ago until today. “Goal of this lecture is to show numerous advantages of container technologies through examples of how we developed our applications, which obstacles can be expected and how to solve them”, said Dražen Nežić, software architect from Combis.

Berilav Viljetić, independent system engineer, also said that with the growth of the number of containers in the environment, the maintenance and management complexity is growing as well, therefore the container management platform becomes an essential tool for maintaining the environment. Speakers have highlighted numerous advantages from container management platform and how they help into transformation of IT business.

Excursor – solution for tourism

The Excursor platform has also been presented at the Combis Conference which is intended for tour organizers, tourist agencies, hotels and other accommodation providers, as well as providers of other tourist offers. Excursor is complete end-to-end solution that offers minimum time consumption for reservations and excludes order processing through e-mail and telephone and thus eliminates missed reservation opportunities. This innovative solution enables communication and sale of excursions in real time.

“As the leading provider of IT services in Croatia we are focused on technologies for digital transformation of companies, so Excursor is one of our projects with which we strive to expand our services in the field of hospitality and tourism and offer consumers faster and more efficient sale process on one place. Excursor is the example of the integration of advanced technology in tourism, which is the key to successful business”, said Tatjana Peček, business consultant in Combis.

With Conference partner Hrvatski Telekom, Combis Conference sponsors are also: platinum sponsor Cisco, gold sponsors Dell EMC and Intel, F5, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, Netapp, Palo Alto Networks, Unify and Veeam Software, silver sponsor Lexmark and Microsoft Hrvatska and media sponsors, Lider, Mreža, Netokracija, Novi list, Privredni vjesnik,,, Večernji list and Yammat FM.


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